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    Two years ago I was in a car accident and I lost function in my right hand and have limited mobility in my right arm; to make a long story short. Soon after the accident my parents applied for Social Security and Disability for me, but we were declined.

    I have a few misconceptions that hopefully you can clear up.

    1st off, Is everyone denied thier first time applying?

    2nd, What is the difference between SSI, Social Security and Disability?

    3rd,is it correct that they pay retroactive from the first time you apply, if you are approved?

    Right now I have a job at walmart. I make about 1000 a month and have minimal bills. I dont have a car or health insurance. I plan on moving out in may and my rent will be half my income, and i'd enjoy transportation and insurance. Im still in pain daily and im limited to what I can do. I made about 2500 a month before my car accident.

    How should I go about applying? Should I wait until I move out, then apply, being my income has shrunk to half of what it was, or apply now being it takes time to get approved.

    I hate to be one to "mooch" off the government but its been two years and with what im making im not living like I was or should be able to. I want to get out from under my parents wing again.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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