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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by BCIT, Oct 28, 2008.

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    so i started at a new place this week.

    i'm one of those people who might have undiagnosed social anxiety, which is triggered in only very particular situations. case in point: i usually have a pretty good time with close friends but sometimes I have to 're-break' the ice all over again. For some reason, at my new place I've barely said two words to some of the people there. my voice comes out really quiet, and I get uncomfortable and laugh nervously. our first lunch there i just kept staring at my water bottle until someone asked me something and i had to repeat it two times, and everyone kinda looked at me funny afterward.

    anyway, they're good people but today i had my lunch upstairs away from them. i don't want to come off as an ass or anything like that. can people tell when someone is sorta shy vs arrogant?

    also, today while doing our thing I could see my female worker watching me. i've only said hi to her once and avoided her most of the time but she keeps giving those :hs: faces whenever i see her. kinda like how a caregiver would try to encourage someone retarded. I'm not sure how to take this.

    anyway, thanks for reading.
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    people are going to think you're shy or you're an ass. the ones who think you're shy are going to give you time to come out of your shell. if you don't, they're going to change their minds and think you're an ass (or at least "weird" which is nearly as bad).

    do something about it. go out of your way to make ONE friend. it'll suck but it'll be worth it. if nothing else that ONE friend can defend you when others say you're an ass or are weird. eventually you can make another'll be easier because a) you did it once already, and b) you can use your ONE friend to help find a SECOND one.

    and yes, she thinks there's something wrong with you. why not make her your first ONE friend and go from there?

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