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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by jared_IRL, Jul 9, 2009.

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    So every year, there's a charity bike race here in Philly, called the 'Tour de Shore'. It's setup by the Irish Pub, and all proceeds go to a rotating children's based charity. This year, the funds are largely going to the Philadelphia Police Children's Survivor fund, which is setup to help the children of Police Officers who die in the line of duty. We've had a rough stretch with Officers being killed here recently, and the fund is pretty much gone.

    The guy I shoot with was a Philadelphia Police officer for years, before he was able to get to a safer district, outside of the city. A lot of the guys who were killed were friends or acquaintences of his, many of which I had met and hung out with on a number of occasions. So it hits close to home.

    So, I bought myself a bike:


    Bought myself a jersey:


    and started training about a month ago....

    The official race is 65 miles, but Sean and I are going with a group of guys that plans to turn this into a century ride, so we've added an additional section to the ride after the official finish, making it 105 miles!

    Tell you guys what, this road biking stuff is some serious exersize... I've lost 20lbs since I started doing this!! (which is nuts, cuz I was in pretty decent shape!!)

    Last week, we drove down to the NJ Pine Barrens, and did a 65 mile run through the woods and rivers and all, it was nuts!

    Figured since I hang out here waaaaaay too much, you guys know me as well as anyone...

    So here's the link:


    and if you don't want to use their form for a donation, feel free to use my paypal, and i'll send it over myself. Just make sure you tag it with something regarding the Tour de Shore, so I remember what it's for...

    Thanks guys! :wavey:
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    Nice, I'm in the process of buying a new road bike, got fitted and am testing a few bikes next week.

    Sent a quick $5 on your donation page, good luck!
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    will send you some when i get the chance

    im doing a triathlon in october... =]

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