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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by zaink, Feb 10, 2006.

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    everytime i restart my computer this "windows installer" comes up and when i try to cancel or click ok it doesnt go away, i have to do control+alt+delete... how do i stop it from comming up?

    also i wanted to know when downloading files from Internet Explorer how do i allow it to download more than 2 files at a time... it usually downloads 2 at a time and keeps rest at wait til one is complete
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    go to start > run and type msconfig. here you can check your startup items for whatever my be trying to install.

    As for the downloads if you are downloading all the files from the same website often the website will limit the number of connections from each client, if this happens you will see the download animation going and it will appear to wait for the others to stop before it goes.
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    1) What does the windows installer say when running? It should eventually ask for a CD if you let it run through.

    2) Get a download manager? DAP, Flashget, etc...
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    DAP works well. It also lets you automatically shut down your computer after all downloads complete -- this feature is the only reason I was able to stand dialup for as long as I did. Queue up all the crap I wanted, go to sleep, and check it after school the next day without driving the phone bill through the roof.

    Probably what is happening with the installer is that a program that runs when you turn your computer on requires a piece of another program in order to work properly, and that piece didn't get installed before. So, when Program 1 tries to use that piece of Program 2, Program 2 notices that the piece isn't installed and it fires up its installer. The best option is to get the CD for Program 2 and do a complete reinstall of all its components. However, I have seen cases where the computer thought something needed to be installed when it didn't, or when the program didn't even exist anymore. Here's how you fix that.

    1. Watch the Windows Installer for long enough to find out what program is being installed. Write down the exact name.

    2. Start => Run => "Regedit.exe"

    3. Export the entire registry so you can restore it in case something goes horribly wrong (which it won't, unless you start deleting random shit).

    4. Starting at the very top of the registry, run a Find operation using the exact name of the program you wrote down in Step 1.

    5. Keep Finding every matching entry until you find one that's stuck in a folder called "Installer". There's your offending registry entry.

    6. Export the folder containing the offending registry entry (so you have a backup copy in case you need to put the entry back in) and then delete the folder.

    This should solve your problem.

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