Some Great Metal -&- Industrial Bands

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by illusiveongaku, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Oct 22, 2008
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    Hey Everyone...

    Thought I'd post some good Metal & Industrial Bands! :hsd:

    >>> Great Metal Choices:
    Arch Enemy "Nemesis"
    Fluxx (their local & amazing!) "Sweet Vengeance" & "The Lesson"
    All That Remains "Tattered on my Sleeve"
    Oomph! "Supernova"

    >>> Great Industrial Choice:
    Combichrist "Without Emotion", "What The F*** Is Wrong",
    "Today I Woke To The Rain of Blood" sure to check em out...

    As far as "Fluxx" PM me if ya want to know where to listen to em, I know were not suppose to put links in and you wont find em on a google search, LOL!

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