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    i feel kinda bad since i dont really come in here and help others with their problems, but here i am asking for help with mine... thanks very much in advance!

    so, i am currently 24 i am continuing my engineering degree at uni and i have a job working in the engineering field right now (but not exactly doing engineering work), and i find it incredibly boring and it sucks the life out of me... i get up at 6am and get home at 6pm, once i get home i cook for my girl and i and basically go straight to bed, except for weekends i do nothing but go to work. due to my work, and the fact that i know i dont enjoy engineering, i very rarely go to class at uni which is obviously causing my grades to suffer, BUT i want to have a peice of paper to my name and since im more than 3/4 of the way through Eng. i feel i should finish it, i dont really want to start another degree because i would loose my income... i was thinking maybe about transfering my Uni subjects and at least for now get myself an Advanced Diploma in Eng, and maybe one day i'll find the motivation to finish a bachelor of eng. (but right now i doubt that will happen)

    another thing, my girlfriend is american she is living here in aus right now but is a little homesick, she has a work sponored visa at a place where she HATES to work, so i am trying to sponsor her as my partner (which takes a lot of money and a lot of time) so she is still stuck working where she hates... so basically neither of us are as happy as we should be right now!

    she has suggested that we pack up, get married, move to america and start all over again, basically. this forces us into a position where we have to make something work (which honestly i like the idea of), we would live with her mother till we had some sought of a life going and then we could basically do what we want.

    My question to you guys is this - does anyone know much about the process of marriage and partner visa's in the US?

    and, if i were to get myself an Adv Diploma in Eng, and a Diploma in Business (i can get rather easily- side story) would i be at all hireable in the engineering industry? or would i only get jobs in unprofessional positions?

    and - any observations people would like to make, ide like to hear opinions

    thanks Jared

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