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    We had another King of the Hill race at Delaware Speedway on Sunday, and the imports laid the smack down. There were some entrants that had more power than 3 of the final 4 cars combined.

    I took down 4 300+ hp domestics, but the big news....

    I GOT HIT!

    Ok sorry if I loose some people here. This is a copy of my post on and I didn't feel like re-typing it. If you don't know what King of the Hill is keep reading and check out the media at the end. It will become clear.

    In the second round I drew the Camaro seen in this video beeting the shoe-box (Pat Yorke's Civic).

    I new my only chance was to go around the outside in the turns so that's what I did!

    I had a good launch, but he still got me into turn 1 as expected. I was catching him coming out of 2, but manage to find a line so that I didn't have to lift when I caught him late in the corner. Down the back straight he pulls away a couple of car lengths and even I think it's over. Going into 3 I real him in quickly and make a split decision to try in 4. I know that this is the secret to beating this car, but I don't honestly think I can do it. At least not with the TEINs on their current settings. I dive hard into 3 and tread lightly to appex. As we get into 4 I make it. I hold my line and make up ground fast. As we start onto the straight I inch into the lead. The Camaro starts coming wide. He realizes that I'm ahead and gets on the gas hard pushing his car very wide. But unlike the other kids there I don't give him an inch. With centimeters sperating us the wall creeps up and I draw my line in the sand. I've given him all the room he's getting. Just before we get the wheels straight I feel the nudge, but my right foot stays firmly planted as I now have a solid 1/2 lenght on him. He makes up a little ground before the line, but not enough. With my fist pounding the air like a mad man I win by 2 feet. I'm the first person to ever beat this car (Pat has tried twice in the shoe box and lost!) and the first time anyone has ever pulled off the turn 4 pass in a King of the Hill race. B)


    His front tire hit square in the middle of my driver's door. It marked up my decal, then tore it off and marked up the door. There is a "racing stripe" from the middle of my door to the back bumper, and a little kiss mark where his mirror hit just below my left rear quarter window. It looks like there is no sheet metal damage just paint, so I got lucky. :peace:


    The Camaro wasn't so furtunate. He got a matching mark on his door from my left rear, as well as a nice "Prelude-wheel-arch" sized welt in the middle of his "Indianapolis 500" decal! (try finding that at any old vinyl shop :p )


    After this race I was the most popular man at the track. But I still had several more to go. In the pits I get interviewed briefly by someone in between runs. Simple questions like "Is this your real name?" and "What does your license plate stand for?". One of the safety workers retrieves my CockyRacingGuy decal from the track and happily replaces it on my door for me. I get out of the car to survey the damage and generate some more fans when I respond by saying. "Fix it! Why the hell would I fix it? That looks COOL!". I get back in and line up against my nemesis. The black truch of death! (A Dodge 5.9 RT that I figure is making between 350 and 400 hp). The announcer comes out to ask us some questions (It seems everyone wants to know how this will effect me). First he asks the truck driver what he thinks about racing a car that just swapped paint and won. The truck driver says "I don't much like it. He's already marked up that side so now he doesn't have anything to loose!:( " Then my turn. "So Marshall, you showed up here with a nice shiny car, were you looking to put some marks on it?" I pull down my helmet and comment "I wasn't looking for them, but I wasn't afraid of them." The croud oh's at that. The truck is the race I've been lucking forward to since last July, but after what I've been through, he's now easy pickings. It's over by the exit of turn 2. By the final I eleminate 2 300+ hp stangs, 1 300+ hp truck and 400~ish hp Camaro; every one of them from the outside lane! In the final I loose to Pat's Civic, it's not even cloose. He is the only car I race that has less power than me and the only one I start from the inside.

    But they invite us both back to the winners box where we pose together for some photos wearing a few different sponsor hats. Pat his vary gracious and states in interview that I really earned a win by beating his nemisis, the "Indy 500 Camaro" (the only vehicle Pat has not yet beaten there). This in spite of my smack talking before the final. (I was in fine 'Cocky' form :thumbup: )

    Check more photos at the track's web site:

    Also check the article in the local paper:

    Still haven't heard enough? VIDEOS!

    Weird. The most expensive race day I've had in 4 years, and I left in the best mood I've been in all year. It was a great confidence builder and for the first time in a year I feel like my driving is up to par again.

    Now to get the Teins working and go Civic hunting! It will be mine again!
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    Nice detail:bigthumb:
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