Some of you guys have a horrible point of view regarding Discussion

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Kalypso, Jul 11, 2007.

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    I see these posts in every thread about 'immature people fighting' and 'personal attacks' and 'derailing the thread by trying to pick on someone,' etc. Anyone saying this stuff, most of the time just has a very poor view on the point of a forum in the first place- To discuss.

    That's the entire fucking reason this is here in the first place. Discussion.

    Calling it a 'fight' is just trying to lambaste the practice and make it seem less mature, calling people immature for having a discussion is just flat out ridiculous. Why else would we be here?

    You post your views on an issue.
    Someone else posts theirs.
    Discussion ensues.

    Within that discussion, everyone reading clarifies their viewpoints on the issue. Sometimes peoples minds completely change, mine do all the time. But slamming a discussion as immature, or a 'fight' because you either don't like the people involved or don't like the discussion at hand is ridiculous. If you don't like a thread, leave it, if you don't like some of the responses, ignore them. I don't read half the threads in the forum because I know they won't interest me, going into them and telling people to stop talking isn't going to help anything.

    The entire reason we're here is to discuss. If you don't like discussion because you can't stand the idea that people oppose your views and they may be wrong, grow the fuck up. If you don't like discussion because you don't like conflict, don't read forums. If you don't like it because you'd rather be discussing something else, make a new thread, or just stop having a god complex. But stop freaking insulting people in EVERY THREAD over 3 pages for discussing shit. It's ridiculous. Without those discussions there's no reason for a forum in the first place.


    Also, stop the fucking logical fallacies and personal attacks.

    Clarification- 'You're closeminded' is a personal attack. The worst. Saying 'you're closeminded' implies that they don't have a logical argument, and that they're only supporting it because they can't accept change. This is a defense mechanism people use to not see the other side of an argument, lambasting their character with the term 'closeminded,' when in reality, they are being closeminded by saying that. Don't insult the other persons character, especially when they make a valid point.

    And don't take arguments personally. Yes, they disagree with your point of view on the issue, so what? This reminds me of an argument I had with Dumpy Dooby about what happened pre-plank1 at and before the beginning of the universe. We argued for like 4 pages about it, it was never resolved really, but he made a comment in another thread talking about how he was surprised how much we had in common. In reality, the fact that we know enough about advanced physics to discuss what we were discussing makes us much more similar than different, I'd be surprised if 1% of the US even knew what we were talking about. Most of the time, an argument makes you more similar than dissimilar, because you've both taken the time to think about something.
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    You're closed minded for getting pissed off when people use fallacious arguments :rofl:

    Kidding. I fucking hate illogical arguments. If we're arguing and you prove I'm wrong I'll admit it. Shit. I have called people 6 months after the fact and been like "dude, remember when we were arguing about ______? You were right." It's not about me being right. It's about uncovering the truth. But I can't help it if I have an ego from usually being right :rofl:
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