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    My cavalier died so I had to buy something quick and cheap to replace it. So I ended up with a 92 toyota paseo. The wiring harness for the stereo was cut off. So I need to know what each wire does. I've joined every message board I could find about this car. I've even joined a mailing list. Still no one has answered my question.
    Can anyone of you find me a wiring diagram to wire up a HU in my car?
    just color of wires and what the do will be fine.
    Thank you in advance

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    I don't have a wiring harness diagram, but it is pretty easy to figure out. You will need a 9V battery(ZapZap) and also a test light.

    First find constant and switched power sources by grounding the test light and testing all wires for continuity while ignition is on, and off. Once you have a power source, you can test for ground by moving the test light to the power you have found and testing for the ground(usually brown or black).

    To test the speaker wires, use the 9V battery and apply the + and - to appropriate speaker wires, and the speaker will make a popping noise. This will tell you where the speaker wire goes to(ie: LF,RF,RR,LR).

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