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    Im looking for a diagram of a Beretta 92FS that shows the spots where to use lube on.
    I just wanna be able to have a pic and look it over it instead of whipping out my manual everytime :hs:

    and yes.. I just got it, havent fired it yet, but will on Monday, using
    100 rds Winchester 115 gr FMJ
    50 rds of Winchester 147 STHP
    and 20 rounds of 147 gr Fed Hydrashock

    I used to have a Glock17 and know there wasnt much lube necessary for that, but I know Berettas tend to use a lot of lube.
    Can anyone help? :hs:

    oh yeah and another stupid question, I just bought the Hogue wrap around grips and figure out how to take the old ones off. I thought it was a flathead screw but instead its a screw with a hole in the middle. Is there a special tool to use or something.? Or do I have to take it to a Gunsmith?
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