Someone please help with video editing!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fst89lx, Nov 1, 2003.

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    I have a canon ZR45MC DV video camera and I am trying to edit some of the video on my computer and place it back on the camera. I have tried two programs to do this: ArcSoft showbiz (free software that came "with" the camera) and Magix Video Delux. Both of them do what I want, with magix appearing to be a much more powerful program. but All I want/need to do is put some text on the screen and adjust some faders and thats it. So I do this and then I try to export it ot the camera, and thats when I hit a wall.

    I will tell the program to export to the camera, and you will hear the camera fire up and if you look at the viewfinder it says "REC" and you let it go and go and go and go, but all it records is NOTHING! its like you have the fuckin' lens cap on its all black. This happens with both programs!

    If anyone has help or a website/forum I can go to that would be better suited for my question, that would be great!


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