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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Bam Bam, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Bam Bam

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    I was talking to an ex "friend" of mine the other day on MSN.

    She's a "special" friend though, if you want to call it that. We've known each other for 2+ years. Never had sex.

    When we first met, we both liked each other. She even wanted me to go to Prom with her, after like 3 weeks of knowing each other. I didnt go (I had my reasons).

    She was experienced and I was a virgin. She used to come over and lay down on my couch with me. She was the first girl I had ever come over to my house, so I was like :noes: at first. Anyways, she would be there laying with me and I never made a move (bc I'm an idiot) but I could see/feel her fingering herself and occassionally twitching under the blankets. I was 16 and I had NO clue what she was doing. LOL. I remember her legs would twitch and she'd kind of "gasp" and I would just be like "whoa...are you okay?". I didnt know she was fingering herself bc I was green. Now that I look back at that situation and know what she was doing, I'm kind of flattered that she would do that with me right there (most likely wanting me to make a move)

    She "accidentally" touched my dick before and then denied liking it. lol

    She also told me about one of her dreams where I was in her bedroom and we starting having sex.

    We'd get real close, cuddle, etc, etc, etc but never fucked.

    Anyways...a year went by after we moved away for College. She has a new boyfriend. I have a new girlfriend.

    And I'm talking to my ex 'friend' on MSN...

    Me:im having problems with my girlfriend
    her:maybe i can help. whats wrong?
    me:i want her to take birth control but i dont want her to get fat
    her:i didnt get fat when i was on it before. why dont you just use condoms?
    me:i cant. my penis is too small!
    her: OH MY GOD! SHUT UP!!!!!
    her:nothing. nevermind.
    me: ???
    her:anyways....birth control is a good idea.

    why would she freak out over that? :rofl:
  2. Mars Princess

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    sounds like you might have blown your chance to give her a facial if you are admitting that your penis is too small lol

    or it could be that she doesn't like the fact that you don't want to use condoms. A guy who doesnt take STDS into consideration lowers himself on the consideration bar to some girls, but i don't know how she acts in those situations

    but it sounds like she was just giving you advice.
  3. Orestes

    Orestes Guest

    i think you're looking too much into what she said. but maybe it's just me.
  4. Bam Bam

    Bam Bam Guest

    oops. forgot to add that i was being sarcastic when i said i have a small penis. she's felt it before and knows my size and its far from small.
  5. supergirl

    supergirl Guest

    i don't think she meant anything by the all caps response. and i agree it seemed like she was just giving you advice. don't stress...
  6. BedBunny

    BedBunny Guest have the hots for this girl. it's quite apparent.
    if she wanted to do you i think you'd take her up on it.
  7. AmCo

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    Sep 20, 2003
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    over reacting!

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