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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by BaronVonBullshit, Jan 3, 2007.

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    What would be a good idea for a Mustang II type front?

    Air bags? coilovers? It's going in a hot rod (52 chevy deluxe), will weigh ~3200lbs, and it wont really be raced. Just going to be a fun street car to take out on the weekends.

    How much would you spend? What are the benefits of your choice? What's the most practical?
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    Coilovers are pretty compact, and work well. You can adjust the height easily with coil overs. The ride is not hard, but it is firm. I perfer coil overs because of the compactness that they have. Coil overs are easy to set up, don't get easily damanged, and are pretty easy to maintain. IMO coil overs are also a much cleaner setup.

    Airbags are nice, but the air tank takes up some room as well as the pump. It is not as compact as the coil over setup, but IMO, I think the ride is definately smoother/softer than coil over or regular spring setups. You do need to run some tubing for the airlines. Because there are more parts involved, you have a more complicated setup, and more chances for things to go wrong. I've had to go help a friend get his mustang because he had a airbag that got torn apart from road debree.

    I have seen some air bad installations that never have issue, and I have seen other people that consistantly have issues, electrical or air line issues. Those are two issues you DON'T have to worry about with coil overs.

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