somethign really weird in my windows folder

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ImaSexyBitch, Jan 21, 2003.

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    i have a major issure with my computer right now. it seems that i am running out of harddrive space. 9.1gig, and not alot on it. a few hundred mp3's, and not alot of other "large" stuff. anyways, what is happening, is in my windows temp file there is another file called sys32. in that file is a few thousand files taking up a few gigs. they are what look to be mpg icons, or icons for the media player. but they are "whatever the name of all my mp3's" .scr, and .exe. and also it seems that here are ones for places i have visited on the internet that have played movies, or had links with movies in them and stuff. anyways, when i delete all of that stuff, i cannot delete the folder, because it is IMMEDIATELY being replentished again in teh folder with what i deleted. what is making these files? why are they being made? how can i flush them? do i have a virus? if so, how am i going to find that without getting a virus program? also, i get this popup when i delete this stuff about installing and running this thing, that i can't pronounce because it looks like it is dutch, but something like a dialer or something along that line, but i have no idea because it is dutch or something.
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    You have a virus. Sounds like you're using Win98?

    Try running a virus scan (ask around for Norton's 2002 if you can), or if needbe we'll help further.
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    got it figured out. i went to mcaffee, and did a internet virusscan. it told me that i had benjamin.worm, hidden as explorer.scr. fot it all flushed and got my harddrive space back. and i am using xp professional
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    Wow. Pretty cool virus. Glad to hear you beat it and for the heads up. Any idea what you downloaded prior to this anomally?

    I got tricked into installing this one program that made a permanent home for itself in explorer.exe (IE.exe) and no matter what I did, I could not get rid of it. I think it was from the GATOR group, but can't be sure. Finally had to do a complete overhaul.

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