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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by gookarachie, Aug 16, 2005.

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    This isn't FS so I put it here but it is different.

    So you know they have mature video games out right. Well my wife and I rented one last night. I haven't played one of these in like 8 years and I was telling her about it. Anyway we rented on last night.

    Its the latest Liesure suit larry for the x box. Its the one where he is in college. He goes around and pics up chicks and gets turned down. Allot of the lines in there are really funny and the games and shit are really sexual. Allot of the graphics are sexual too.

    Well This got her so hot to play this game it was crazy. We would take turn playing the game like she would play for a few min then I would. I just got her so hot to be playing this kind of sexual video game. She loved it.

    I think this may become our new hobbie for awhile untill we have played all the games.

    Any of you guys ever done this?
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    Definitely different...but if it works for you then no reason to stop.

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