GUN Something I noticed when watching Condileeza Rice...

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by krott5333, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. krott5333

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    I saw her on tv, walking on a sidewalk in some other country, surrounded by people. So I thought to myself, some of those people have to be secret service/protective detail.. and I realized who they were, after looking for the typical clean-cut, young to middle aged guy with no expression on his face.. there was a woman, and an older guy who were definitely protective detail..

    for those who carry, you'll understand why.. the wind starting blowing, and the few who were holding the right side of their coats, in a way to stop them from blowing up and exposing their guns, were obviously her protection.. I do the same exact thing when I'm wearing an open shirt or coat, and the wind starts blowing.. I never did that before I started carrying, if I did, I'd probably just put my hands in my pockets..

    just an odd observation I made :hsughno:
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    they're with the state department diplomat security service or something rather
  3. krott5333

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    oh.. well, either way, they didnt fit the stereotypical look of protective detail.
  4. they're the MIBs. she's a grey :noes:
  5. Platinum_Thunder

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    and what's the typcial look the the protective detail?
  6. krott5333

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    I didn't write "typical", I wrote "stereotypical".. theres actually quite a big difference

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