Something is wrong with my surround. help, its driving me crazy!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by noxxs, Mar 1, 2006.

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    i have my surround hooked up to my computer in my room by a 12 foot a/v cable. whenever the surround is on and turned onto the computer, i get a low tone coming out of them that gets louder as the volume goes up. its the same type of tone you'd get if you were to turn up a non problemed set of speakers really loud, just dead noise.

    the thing is i dont think its my surround or my hookup, i sometimes have the audio out split to my normal computer speakers and the dead noise gets worse in all sets of speakers. could i just have a shitty audio card?

    i guess i shouldn't say its not my surround because when i put it on a setting that has no inputs, i still get the same noise, its just quieter. either way it annoys me. actually the noise got worse on the settings that have no input when there was a power spike a couple of nights ago, a power line broke and fell onto some other lines, causing a surge and eventually making the power go out.

    either way i dont know whats causing it and would like to get rid of it, its really really annoying.

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