Sony HeadUnit Metal Harness. And morons that work in CAR AUDIO FFS!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by KJB, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. KJB

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    /me knows shit about car audio

    Ive got a sony headunit that has AUX input.
    I have a cord: RCA [red + white] to Headphone
    I have a G5 30gb iPod

    I am just looking for an install kit to put it into my v6 2000 Mustang.

    I went to best buy and the guy is like: "Oh, no we dont sell that. That is an older model and see those thingies on the side there? Yeah, thats different, we dont sell that. Call Sony." I'm like okay fuck-tard. "Those thingies, I screwed on myself from the last install kit for my honda, I can take those off with a simple screwdriver." He continued to run his mouth blabbering nonsense so I just said thanks with a huge smile and walked away. I went to FRY's electronics aswell to no avail. (Those of you that know FRYS.. they have godforfuckingeverything there.. But the guy was a moron aswell.. I DONT WANT THE NEW DASH KIT. IM NOT RIPPING OFF MY DASH..
    I just need the metal casing or cage or harness or whatever the correct terminology for it is. Its a metal rectangle that you slide into your empty space in your dash. You push down the pins to it latches itself into the dash, then you simple connect the harness [cords] and slide the head unit firmly into place until it clicks. VOILA.. Why does no one know what the hell I am talking about?

    So all-in-all you can probably see what Im trying to do:
    iPod -> headphone-2-RCA -> AUX imput -> headunit -> crisp mp3 music out of my speakers.

    Fuck that FM transmitter shit. I want digital all the way until it comes out of my speakers.

    Hit me up with the feedback please. KK THX :bigthumb:
  2. DaddyThirdLeg

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    you are looking for a cage and rca's don't carry digital signal
  3. XR250rdr

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    The guy at BB was right, call Sony.
  4. KJB

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    a 'cage' ? thats what its called?
    and yeah, i knew rca wasnt digital, i just meant i didnt want FM transmitted music.

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