Sony MP3 player software issues

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by whelen1, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Backstory: I bought the little mp3 walkman about 8 months ago for the gym, car etc. Worked like a charm, Sonicstage v.3 worked wonderfully for being kinda crappy.


    Got an email from Sony about Sonicstage v.4 being out and I downloaded it.
    It automatically removed v.3, installed v.4 with no hiccups in the install process. The first time that I went to start the program, a box just about the size of the program startup box flashes for a second then disappears. Nothing in toolbar, task manager, etc etc. Go to open the program again and it starts to load normally but now there is an error msg about the jukebox program thats included having "A serious error and needs to close" (the typical windows error).

    Uninstall v.4, re-install... same issue.
    Unistall v.4, re-install v.3 ... same issue

    Called sony tech support and spent over an hour on the phone with them doing "the normal things" that work. We supposedly did everything short of a full system recovery and a reformat. Including uninstall/re-install 3 more times after removing various hidden sony folders.

    I'm not really willing to do the reformat but will if I have to. But for some reason, when v.4 installed it put someting on my system that it HATES!

    Everytime previous to the v4 installation worked like a charm, now that v.4 contaminated my system...:rant2:

    System info:

    AMD 64 +3200
    ASUS board
    1 GB ram
    150gb's HDD

    ANY idea's? Or anyone have the same issue?
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    I have an idea. Sell your Sony mp3 player and buy this instead:

    No DRM, no special software. It can use Windows Media Player, but you can also copy music to/from it manually, because it just shows up as a normal hard drive when you plug it in. It holds 20GB and it's about the size of a deck of cards with the top inch or so cut off. I have one and I love it. Fuck Sony and fuck iPod. I'm damn well going to do what I want with the music I buy and you should too.
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    I have heard nothing but issues with Sony MP3 players. Recently I have liked the Sansa Sandisk e200 series. Rumor has it they might be up to 8 gig flash drive. For more info on players that are not iPod's
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    Sony software does indeed suck. I can't believe the amount of shit you have to go through just to connect to the player... and even more hoops to connect to their music store.

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