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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by YipMan_Style, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. YipMan_Style

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    With the PS2 at $199, I think I'll be getting one.

    I know that it plays DVD.

    1. Is the DVD quality as good as any DVD players? And how about the movie quality?

    2. What about sound? Does it play the movie sound out of the sound card? Is the quality of any good? Or do I need to hook it up to a stereo or home theater system?

  2. Staplepuller

    Staplepuller Guest

    The DvD player has a lot of problems, just look around. Supposedly it will also burn out the drive faster if you play a lot of DvDs on it, but I can't verify that one.
  3. inline4

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    Oct 12, 2001
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    shit, the car, theres hella scrapes
    oops :) wrong forum.... why dont you just use a computer and dvd rom? its only 40 bucks.
  4. Buck-O

    Buck-O Guest

    The PS2 DVD player sucks ass. Picture quality is very poor, thanks mostly in part to the poor video out of the PS2 (which is also the main reason why the PS2's games have a blockier feel to them then the BCN, or X-Box).
    THe audio out does come through both the analog and digital outputs. However, the digital output is prone to cutting out on DTS material, and forget trying to play a SUPERBIT DVD on them. It will look, and sound TERRIBLE!

    Honestly, if you want a cheap DVD player, go to, get a referbished X-Box for $180, then get the $30 DVD add-on kit. The quality of the DVD player on the X-Box is on par with most set-top sets (sans the progressive scan players of course). The audio output is flawless, and the picture is very sharp. So, if you want a decent cheap DVD player, that would be your best bet.

    Good luck.

    P.S. there was another X-Box thread in here talking about the DVD playback ability of the X-Box, so try taking a look for that one. Might give you some more info on what your looking for.
  5. Caffeine Slug

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    Mar 19, 2000
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    Tucson, AZ
    I had no problems with the digital output on my PS2, including DTS tracks. video quality was fine (not great, i was only using rca's). it worked well up until it refused to view the second layer on my dvd's :mad: That progressively got worse, until I finally gave up and bought a read dvd player.

    imo, the dvd quality overall was as good as a low-end dvd player, but that's to be expected from a system whose primary purpose is to play games.
  6. JazzHound

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    It's primary objective is to play games and does it more than competently at that. If you did want to watch a movie, it does that adaquetly as well though I comparatively tell you how it stacks up with a real dvd player. Get whatever console that has games you like.
  7. YipMan_Style

    YipMan_Style Guest


    In summary: If I want to play DVD movie, let say up to 4 times a month max, should I even consider getting DVD player or will PS2 be fine.

    Oh and maybe an hour of games about every day.

    DVD players are not expensive anymore, but the least I have to spend the better.

    What you think?

  8. SC3rollin

    SC3rollin Guest

    Buy a DVD player for DVD's and leave the PS2 for games. My PS2 died (stopped playing movies AND games) from playing DVD's. My brother bought his at the same time and it has ran flawless(doesn't play DVD's).
  9. moot

    moot Guest

    Re: .

    Well, the deciding factor should be if there are any games on the PS2 that interest you. If you think that you'd be playing lots of its games, then you may as well get one. I'll tell you, though, that I just bought a DVD player (and a DVD) for less than a PS2 or X-Box would have cost (without a memory card, game, extra controller, DVD activation kit, etc...), and it is just as good if not better quality than either of the consoles would provide.

    I didn't think I'd be watching many movies either, but I take that back now that I have my player. My local library has DVD's to borrow and I find myself going there and getting a couple movies to watch whenever I have the time. If your library has DVD's to rent, you may find yourself watching more movies than you expected...i mean, its a free movie, so why wouldn't you watch it? :bigthumb:
  10. YipMan_Style

    YipMan_Style Guest

    Re: Re: .

    :bigthumb: Good point. Decision made. DVD player, and leave the PS2 for games only.
  11. Little Spunky $#!T

    Little Spunky $#!T :cool:

    Jul 16, 2001
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    The PS2 DVD player is the only DVD player I own. I have viewed DVD's on other DVD players and the ps2 one looks and sounds the same to me. For all I watch DVD's its great, I can't tell a difference.

    I'd say its well worth the money.
  12. Schatten

    Schatten Guest

    I agree Spunky. Mine works fine. I've used it to play DVD's many times a month since the PS2 came out.

    I recently purchased the remote which has the player update, otherwise, the audio & video get off sync quite often and that pisses me off. oh well. but its not a high quality dvd player, I'll say that much. it "works" and that's about it.

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