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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by verbal, Feb 12, 2006.

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    I'm doing a fresh install of WinXP on a Sony Vaio VGN-A150 for my girlfriends parents and I have a little issue. They don't have the original CDs that came with the laptop and I wasn't going to use them anyway. I've downloaded and installed all drivers and updates from Sony's site but I still have three pieces of hardware that WinXP doesn't know.

    In the device manager they show up as two USB controllers and an Unknown Device. All the normal USB drivers are installed and the ports work properly. All other hardware (network, firewire, memory stick drive, etc) works properly.

    Only thing I can think is it might be is the DVgate port BUT I think that's the firewire port which is installed properly also.

    Anyone have this Sony laptop or a related model? There aren't any other drivers on Sony's site that I haven't installed.

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