Sorry for asking this but my aunts computer says when you start it up

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cgblacklude, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. cgblacklude

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    Sorry for asking this but my aunts computer says when you start it up "cannot access the harddrive or find operating system" and now its saying operating not found on any device. Does anyone have any suggestions it would really help me out. thanks
  2. dexedrine

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    what OS was it supposed to run?
  3. What kind of computer is it? How old is it? How often does she use it?

    I ask these questions because it could be that he harddrive is just burnt out, thus it cannot be found. And i doubt she has multiple hard drives, thats why it can't find the operating system.

    You may just want to double check all the connections to the motherboard/harddrive and make sure they're all secure. If that still doesn't do anything then you might want to either take it in to a computer repair place and see if they can tell you what's wrong with the hard drive, or 2, if you know the hard drive is shot, just go buy a nice 30 gig hard drive and you'll have to start over.

    Although if you take route 2, then you could possibly take the old hard drive into a computer shop and they might be able to pull some data off of it though.

    hope that helps, but thats just my 2 cents, maybe someone else has a better suggestion.
  4. cgblacklude

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    Compaq pesario, 3years old, not very often,doubt she has multiple hard drives? Wouldnt the OS only be on one HD tho?
  5. cgblacklude

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    O ya its suppost to run win98
  6. yeah, it would jsut be on one HD.

    If you have the Win 98 cd, try inserting that when you boot up and see what happens.

    :dunno:, besides what I said earlier.
  7. JimboJones

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    Well, with Windows 98 it definitely will not boot from the CD,
    so you will need to have a boot disk (you can create one
    from another Windows 98 machine or I think you can download
    the files online in different places).
    Once you get in there, see if it will recognize the hard drive at all.
    If it does, then you can try reinstalling Windows 98 from the CD.
  8. Try what Jimbo says, but i've had problems like this before and it would recognize the CD drive and the A drive, but when I tried to access the C drive, it wouldn't work.
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    Has the computer been moved recently? Has anyone been physically inside the computer (maybe upgrading something)?

    Its cheap to do: Pop the case open and make sure the hard drive's power and data cable are securely plugged in (both to the drive and to the motherboard).

    The next step would be to check BIOS and make sure the drive can be identified there. If it can't then you either have a cabling issue or that drive has died.

    If it appears in BIOS, but boots up without an OS, then the drive may have been erased or really corrupted. In this case, a boot disk with FDISK and Scandisk would be helpful (only if you know what you're doing with these tools - otherwise do not try this at home).

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