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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Stuff, May 1, 2004.

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    im pretty sure the answer to this question is yes, but would a new sound card such as the turtle beach 'catalina' or CL Audigy2 ZS be better than onboard sound(6-Channel AC97 2.2 S/PDIF extension compliant Codec)??

    and would it help extremely taxing games like far cry run smoother with out all the hissing and popping?


    ps-whats the difference between OEM and Retail and what are pros/cons
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    In a word; YES!!
    But then I hate AC'97 on-board audio with a passion.

    As for OEM and Retail.
    OEM: you get the card (in the protective bag) and a CD (or 2) with drivers; no manual, no extra software, no extra hardware, and usually a lesser warranty. And you'll save yourself a good bit of money in most cases.
    Retail: you get what you would if you walked into some place like BestBuy and buy it. The card, manual, drivers and whatever else. Some makers offer different software and hardware packages with the card, but in most cases the card itself is exactly the same.
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