sound deadening material

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by pinoy_thug161, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. this stuff looks good for 100sq ft of it
    has anyone tried it and can anyone give tips on installation?
    i don't know if you cover up wires with the stuff or you just line the speaker wire along the corners
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    I don't have that stuff, but basically it's all the same anyway. When it comes to installation, just clean off the surface to make sure there's no dust on the metal you are applying it to. If there's dust, then it obviously won't stick as well.

    Also, go out and buy a heat gun. It is 100x more effective than a damn hair dryer and it helps to apply the mat and then heat it a little bit with the heat gun to make it extra sticky.

    I recommend getting a skinny and a fat screw driver and using the butt of them to smooth out the air bubbles. You don't want any air bubles at all.

    As for wires, put the mat UNDER the wires. The last thing you need are wires matted to your damn car. Basically your wires will be connected to whatever panel you're working on by these little gromets or something like that. Just pull them out and install the mat under the wire. Later, you can do whatever you want with the wire.

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