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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by KillaLadY, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. KillaLadY

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    Hi guys/girls,

    I don't know whether I posted this in the right forum or not, I have looked for a sound related, couldn't find one.

    I have bought a Zapco AG1000 amp and I'm currently running 1 Eclipse 10"88100dvc Sub .

    All I can say is that the baby pounds, and I love it !!!

    I was thinking of adding 1 more or the same 10 " subs and the same line 1 15"

    What do you guys think of a 2 10"s and a 15?

    I also have a Zapco AG650, but that is for all the treble and midbass... etc, and I am not too worried about those ones yet. I would like to get as close to 4ohms as possible. When it's bridged, it puts out 900 watts into 4 ohms.

    The speakers are rated at 3ohm's per voice coil. I have 1 10 right now in their running from the voice coils in series.

    The 15" will also be rated at 3 ohms a vc.

    I need help, suggestion... anything!

    Thanks a lot people!!!
  2. mtxzx2

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    don't go with different sized'll get cancellation and it'll sound worse than 3 10's.

    you have a great amp too :bigthumb:
  3. Mikel

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    May 17, 2000
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    Er...sell it and put the money towards a turbo :p

    I'll move it to the right forum :)
  4. KillaLadY

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    Ok... I didn't see it, guys. Now it's moved.

    Now, can you answer my auqstion?...
  5. DSHR

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    Jun 4, 2000
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    If you want ure system to sound like total ass go with another 10' Sub with a 15' Sub. But if u want so more pound just go with another with 10" Sub:big grin:!
  6. MANelson85

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    yes do NOT mix sizes without an extensive crossover network which i doubt you have.

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