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    I'm reading this book called This is Reggae Music and it keeps talking about these things that would go on in Jamaica on weekend nights where a huge crowd would gather out in a field at like 9 at night and then a guy would come with huge speakers and a turntable or two and they would just party until the sun came up. It wasn't really like a live show, it was just a guy with a bunch of records who would just play them. And it was all about who had the best music and who could make the crowds dance the most, sometimes they would have two on the same street and if one crowd heard about a good song on the other system they would all just leave and go over there.
    I'm really sick of all the bullshit in the music industry here today. I really don't give a shit who wears what to the awards and what their houses look like and their how many records they sell as long as i can go listen to their music with my friends and dance my ass off and somebody plays it really loud. That sounds like heaven.
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