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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by diesel, Jul 15, 2006.

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    i am a man and i have a real problem with looking at women as sexual objects.. and it is kinda getting in the way of creating good friendships and actually building relationships.. does anyone have this issue and what have they done to get away from it?!?! it is getting kinda tiring...
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    I have a friend like this and he's great at meeting and picking up women, but he's terrible at creating relationships. It's going to take a lot of effort and desire on your part to change.
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    yeah it sucks... i would love to meet a woman cause she is a good person and not cause she has great boobs.. :)
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    I'd love to meet a man who didn't think with his little head.
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    I, too, deal with this a little more often than I would like.
    It's like almost every girl I've met, I've wanted to bone or thought about boning them.

    This ranges from my boss, to co workers, to classmates, to just randon chicks at the mall. It never gets out of hand though (no harassing, or touching or anything. Just fantasizing). I think I just like sex. Last time I checked, there was nothing wrong with that if you stay in your place.
  6. The best thing to do is to exercise your own mind so that you see your own inner life as a value. "Remove the mote from your own eye", as the saying goes, before partaking in the minds of others.

    Make time for reading; SF is great- Catherine Asaro's "The Final Key" is some very enjoyable mental gymnastics, that actually makes a significant thematical point. Atlas Shrugged and Voyage from Yesteryear provide utopian visions that are actually realizable, and explain very clearly what's in the way of their realization.

    Anything that really has engaging characters and uplifting ideas, for that matter. But it should be at least a novel, short stories are okay. Text-books type material sucks as far as strengthening your critical faculties.

    Question everything.

    After doing so, if you have any complaints you can chime back in here.

    Good Luck:x::noes::naughty:
  7. How's it going Diesel?

    In my experience most adults are aliterate, meaning they hardly read anything outside of the newspaper and stuff for work. That's very likely what is stopping you from appreciating a woman as both mind and material body, the fact that you don't appreciate your own mind enough to exercise it regularly.

    The other thing is... it really works, just as I describe.
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    I'd love to meet a woman whose mind is not comprised solely of misguided stereotypes.
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    To the starter: I don't get this. If you want emotional closeness then you do want it. If you don't want emotional closeness then you don't want it. Either way you don't have a problem.

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