Span a ghost image over 2 CD's with Nero?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by curtis_rak, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. curtis_rak

    curtis_rak Guest

    I am trying to create a bootable CD that auto-loads a ghost image.

    The size of the entire job is 1.25 GB which will fit on 2 CD's. Is there a way for Nero to span the ghost image over 2 CD-R's? Right now, its just telling me that my media is not big enough...
  2. edwinyee82

    edwinyee82 Guest


    It sounds like create a ghost file without using the -split variable. When you use -split, you are splitting one big file into what size you want. I usually type in the command: ghost -split=650. What that command does is when the file gets to the 650 mb mark, it will create another file and continue the image. So when you image is complete, I would have multiple image files that and 650 mb and under. Lets say you name the image file curtis, the second file would be curtis01, then curtis02, and so on if needed This way, each file will fit onto a cd. You dont' have to use 650. thats just what i use.
  3. curtis_rak

    curtis_rak Guest

    Yeah, I think i will go that route.

    ...Rather than installing a burner on the PC, and burning it from a Ghost DOS app.

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