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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by The Secretary, Jun 1, 2006.

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    I was writing a dirty story to my boyfriend last night, and I got horny. Well my bf was going to be at work until 7am (night shift ftl). So I started sending him dirty text messages of small excerpts from my story. I ask him when he goes on lunch if, I could cum for him over the phone. Well an hour went by and I am still writing and more horny. The bf got stuck working on a truck, and I could not wait any longer. So I left him a message on his phone that I was going to masturbate and use a toy. Normally I rarely use a toy, or masturbate without him but I couldnt wait.

    I get up out of bed and put away my notebook, got my small gspot vibe and some lube out (i didnt need the lube). I lay back down and begin feeling around on my pussy. At the bf request I left my bush, which seems to be getting out of control, I run my fingers through the hair. I moved toward my clit to warm me up for the vibe. I pull my underwear down, and go to town. I bring myself to edge of orgasm and then lay off. I grab the vibe, turn it on and insert it into my soaking wet pussy and rubbed my clit a bit more bring myself very close to orgasm agian. I relax for a few minutes, and pick up again and this time I let myself cum. OMG it felt so good, however it different from my normal O's without the toy.

    About a min later I am ready to go agian this time I took the vibe out and rubbed my clit. I took a bit more time on this one, I wanted it to feel extra good. I came a little bit later, and then relaxed some more. Finally, the last one I started on this one by rubbing the clit. Then I got the idea to spank my clit like my bf does, so as I am doing it I notice that I am getting closer and closer to climax. I get the idea in my head that I am going to cum from spanking myself (in the back of my head im thinking how odd the idea is). I begin to just tap my clit, getting harder and more frequent with each slap. Then I could feel my orgasm start, as I spanked I just rode the orgasm. It was different interesting and great.

    Has anyone else ever done this?
    I thought it was pretty cool that it happened, and the bf was really dissappointed because he couldnt hear it first hand. This morning was pretty awesome though.

    Do yall find your orgasms feeling different when you use toys or an actual penis?
    My bf and I are still virgi's, so toys are the closest thing I have had to "actual penis" besides fingers. Mine I think arent as intense becuase there is something there that it grips onto, and I dont use a toy that often. But it feels good.
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    when i read the title I thought "traditional ass spanking = orgasm" because I've cum like that before...

    But yes, i do have orgasms from genitorture/abuse.

    as for your question. It's not the same... the actual person, the warmth of the flesh is better, the connection with the person is what makes it awesome. I do have INTENSE ones with toys since I can move a toy faster than I can move my entire body or that of my BF, but it's just a different feeling.

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