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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Create, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Q: How much money do I have to spend to make death metal sound good?

    A: No amount of money will make death metal sound good.

    ...but really, what type of speakers should I recommend for my roomie. He listens to alot of rougher stuff, like SoD, OTEP, Dimmu Borgir...

    I do (actually) appreciate some of this stuff. Dimmu Borgir is amazing, so long as you don't read the lyrics.

    Here's a youtube example, picked because it goes full tilt from the very beginning: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tfLnDUPmP4s&mode=related&search=

    Budget is about $650 for two sets of speakers and an amp to fit a Saturn SL1. He's already got a pair of RF punch 10's running off a RF 50x4 that's 2 Ohm stable. My first thought was to buy med-high quality speakers, run them off the existing RF 50x4, then buy a lower-quality 100x2 2 Ohm to run the subs (since RF punch speakers don't benefit as much from the quality RF amp). Everything would run 4 Ohm, but 2 Ohm capability means we've got longevity or room for expansion.

    Any thoughts? Anyone want to make a bet on if we can vibrate pieces off the car once it's done?
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    you will need something that can handle really fast transients due to the speed of death metal

    one of my good friends listens to not really death metal per se but hes downloaded some pretty hard stuff to my comp like lamb of god, opeth, and so on.

    i havent demo'd a lot of stuff car wise so im not sure whats going to sound best with metal.

    id definately aim for comps, metallic tweets, make sure they arent harsh and the midrange will need to be quick.

    oh and tell him not to get rears, running rears are pointless especially if ur on a budget, (i run rears but only because i have extra speakers already, i dont like to waste)

    not sure what everyone else is going to say but id say look at CDT, OZ Audio, and Image Dynamics components


    PS you should also have him invest in some at the very least sound deadening matting for the doors to prevent a muddy midrange
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    I'm going to see Dimmu Borgir in Chicago in May.

    They're more black metal. Death metal is usually annoying :p

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