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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by luvthong, Mar 7, 2003.

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    I used those from Korea in bright yellow and blue color and seems like they are creating new swirl mark/scrathes. I can't remember the brand new but I got them from a local Kragen store. Are they suppose to be scrath free?? Any comments? BTW, I didn't wash them before I used them cause of time limitation, is that the reason, I'll give them a second chance(I machine washed them after I used them last weekend) this weekend and report to you guys. I guess Korea need to have better QC on their products. Can I heard something that using fibric softner when wasing MF will destory it? Can I still use the MF after one wash with fibric softner???:mad:
    By the way, can I use hand to appy Meguiar's #2 instead of buffer? On the bottle, it said it's only for buffer use and no suppose to be used by hand?
    also Turtle Wax Scratches & Swirl remover? Anyone know if they are good or not?
    Should I use the #2 before swirl remover? or via versa?
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    I get the blue and yellow Turtle Wax MFs at Autozone and have not had a problem at all with them. It could be they picked up some debris while on the shelves that you didn't see.

    I don't know if fabric softener will hurt MF towels, but I wouldn't use it because it will leave a residue in the towels.

    You can use #2 by hand-use a terry cloth towel folded into 1/8ths size so it forms a thick pad, then work a section at a time until the product looks nearly clear and dry, then wipe off the residue. Use #2 before #9.
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    You might want to try some MF towels from:


    They are very very good. As far as washing goes, I would just wash in warm water with alittle soap without any other additives. I usually air dry mine and fluff in the dryer when completely dry.

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