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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Warder60, Feb 11, 2007.

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    Well, just wondering what everyone plans, or does, in the case of a spilled beverage on some device.
    Last time I spilled on a keyboard, keyboard was gone. I took it apart and cleaned, but it didn't work upon putting it back together.

    Well, tonight I was enjoying some Mudslide mix. In a state of slight intoxication, my angle to the cup was slightly off. And of course, my Ti-89 Titanium was right at the correct position, with the cover off (cause I had been using it earlier...).
    First thing I did was flip it over and pulled the batteries out. After I cleaned up the spill, I cleaned the keys off with some isopropyl alcohol. Currently it's here drying with batteries out and all. Hopefully I prevented any serious damage. :noes:
    Does OT think I followed the best course of action? I mean, other than being a complete idiot for not putting it away after use. This has pretty much learned me my lesson on that. What would you have done in such circumstances?

    btw, um, is this the right forum?

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