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    Anyone else been infected with this bloody thing.
    I've managed to disable the bubble poping up all the time but can't delete it.
    I'm not at all computer savvy so I don't want to go deleting files willy nilly.
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    My friends computer just had it. Took me forever to get rid of it, but let me see if I can remeber how I did it.

    Go to system properties( windows button +pause break)
    go to system restore tab and check the box.
    go to run and type regedit
    control F and search for spyaxe.exe and delete everything that pertains to it. I cant remember if thats it.

    In your task manager do you have anything like nvctrl.exe? If you do a search on symatecs website it says it creates these temp files. My friends computer had like 30 of them and you can end task the nvctrl.exe because of those files. You ahve to boot in safe mode to delete these. All these files sit in the SYS32 folder. Symantec tells you how to do everything.

    He was also getting the filenotfound404.com whenever he clicked on his homepage. Do as a search on Symantecs site as well. Let us know what happens.

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