Squirt is pee. Hope this helps


You underestimate the insignificance of my penis
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Jan 30, 2006
Bisbee, AZ
But also, what a dick fucking thing to say when your GF is actually 38. Miss ME with that immature bullshit.
She's 38. Just because you've shut down into a weirdo asexual teacher doesn't mean everyone did.

Ot is based around shit talking and not taking stuff especially seriously. Maybe you're just out of touch.


Bully Troll Crew
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Dec 30, 2004

Jean’s best-known achievement is their squirting world record, which they earned in 2019 — kind of. “No record existed at the time, but I was working a lot with two researchers who said the max amount someone could squirt was 900 milliliters,” they explain. “I could squirt in six seconds without even putting my fingers inside myself. I had never measured exactly, but partners always commented on how much I squirted, and I could do it with immense control.” Confident in their abilities, Jean set their sights on proving science wrong and earning a world record in the process.

“When you publish this article, I swear people will say, ‘I need to see the squirting video, for scientific purposes!’ Firstly, when I squirt, it’s not that hot. Secondly, you won’t learn anything. I do it in five seconds, I don’t penetrate myself and I don’t orgasm.”

mother fucking piss world record right here
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May 11, 2006


These hoes ain’t loyal
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Mar 31, 2004
Yo, cervical mucus is a handy tool for the single man (or men with partners in their reproductive years). You can pretty much figure out the probability of fertility if you know the different consistencies of it.

And if you are not fixed, potentially even avoid getting trapped with child support. :noes:

TMYK. :bigthumb:
Married crew KNOWS this

“Nice try honey…. But you might wanna close your eyes… like now”
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