TAT staph infection in tattoo!

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    posted this as a reply to another question about b.p. cuffs and a fresh tattoo

    a friend/customer of the shop came in and told us about this incident he had:

    he's doing a full leg sleeve and had about 7-8 hours done on his thigh/knee area.
    he went in to the doctors to have his knee looked at(chronic pain, old injury, not tattoo related)
    he forgot to tell his doc that the tattoo was fresh and the office he was at is very tattoo/mod friendly.
    the doctor touched his tattoo bare handed

    long story short, few days later developed a staph infection....luckily he caught it in time and was given a round of oral and topical antibiotics.

    always be careful with fresh tattoo/piercings in doctors offices...alot of medical proffesionals are ignorant to the fact that these are fresh open wounds

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