ENT Star Wars: Andor OFFISHUL Thread


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Aug 25, 2004
Best content on TV equal to Game of Thrones. And I’m not a Star Wars nerd either.

The cinematography, production design, costume, locations are some of the most incredible shit I’ve ever seen. And the story and acting is beyond amazing.

This ain’t a Star Wars show. It’s something different set in a Star Wars world.
Best show ever that nobody is watching? Yeah sure buddy.

Nobody is watching it because it’s boring trash.


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Aug 22, 2004
Watched it the last 2 days, pretty good not great but im definitely looking forward to ep10 in a few hours.

also, the episodes feel like 20 minutes each, need more.
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Aug 18, 2006
Brother, this shows low points are miles higher than anything RoP put to screen this season.

Andor is operating on a higher level than any of the other SW shows, and it’s not close. There are actual consequences written into the story and characters behave authentically, as a starting point (Like Vel almost having a nervous breakdown before committing to the heist on the bridge). All those small moments of humanity on display build the credibility of the conflict and raise stakes, and episode 6 was tense as fuck because of it.

The ground level approach to this story makes this IP feel more alive than it has since empire strikes back, or maybe ever.

Like the tie fighters actually had a sense of intimidation when they launched, unlike literally every other time since the original trilogy. That’s because the lens of this show is down in the weeds with the normies. The show has stripped away some of the mysticism of Star Wars and is all the better for it.

Meanwhile RoP threw almost a full billion dollars at an average season of television. Yeah, it was gorgeous to look at, and that’s basically where the standout aspects of that show stop.

I've watched most of the Star Wars franchise, but have always thought "mehh" for years and years. I only continued watching for the Sci-fi visuals. But Andor blowing everything I've seen out of the water! The raw emotion of it.

First Star Wars I can say I actually love đŸ’™
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Aug 22, 2004
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