start a "top rated" site for nation states?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by me4prez, Nov 3, 2007.

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    and i tired this before.. i just ended up really confused and got a headache sitting in front of the computer for so long...
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    Any kind of website is going to take a couple of weeks of work, unless you have a huge library of pre-made sites to choose from and customize.

    What would be the point of this particular project, anyway? I'm pretty sure the UN already rates countries based on their policies.
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    the UN does not represent the citizens of the world, only its nations. and nations rating nations cant possibly be very neutral. id like to see the UN rate movies like the godfather and pulp fiction, and get it more accurate than the regular beer drinking, couch sitting, internet geeks of the world. geeks of the world unite! the nerds will inherit the earth!

    but mostly it would be to put some nasty ass nationalist americans and norwegians in theire right place... hey its free speach.

    any tips on good severs/wtf that can do this easily?

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