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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by umop apisdn, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Hiya. I joined a gym up here in Boston (and pay for it out the ass; but that's besides the point).

    If any one of you had a few moments, I had a few n00b questions specific to my situation:

    • I'm 6'2", ~200 lbs. This isn't really a question, unless you want to play "guess my water retention" today.
    • I'm trying to shoot for whole body conditioning/toning and not just bulking up on top of some of the extra fat I'm trying to lose. I was planning to do 3 days weights (full body circuit; no strict emphasis on one muscle group a day), 3 days cardio. Does this sound like a decent plan?
    • With regards to cardio, I'm not that "conditioned." I can slow-run at 5 mph or so for 30 minutes, or I can moderate-run between 6 and 7 for maybe 10. Should I just try and keep a consistent pace or work doing intervals on my cardio days?
    • I'm working with the gym-assigned PT (who is cool) to show me some of the weight machines; but we haven't gotten to lower body yet (shoulders, bis, tris, chest and abs so far). I'm travelling next week for work and will be able to use the hotel gym where I'm staying, but don't know what I should do for the other lower-body muscle groups. Should I stick to the upper body 3 days, cardio 3 days routine for that week or should I just google some lower body workouts and hope for the best?
    • Last, but not least, I travel frequently and have long-ass days where I won't be able to eat 5 small to moderate meals a day (clean). Should I do shakes/bars/etc during those times when I can't eat (or when it's too late to sit down to a meal?)

    Thanks F&N. :wavey:
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