Static/buzzing with turntable/records?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Changed, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Is it normal to get a constant buzzing/static through the speakers when playing records? I just dug my parents stuff out of the basement and have them (Yamaha CR-1020 receiver and Yamaha YP-D4) running through my Logitech speakers.

    The buzzing is worse than the static. Also, when I turn the receiver on and then move the needle over towards the record it starts this weird screech noise for a random amount of time (5 seconds-30 seconds), then it just goes away.

    Somebody school me on the fine arts of turntables :o
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    there should be a ground wire you can connect between the turntable and the receiver.... Mine has a ground-screw for the turntable.
  3. Changed

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    maybe that is it. I kind ofhaphazardly attached it when I first set it up. hopefully that is all it is.I'm pretty drunk right now, so I'm not gonna fuck with it
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    yep, when I moved the table from the living room to my bedroom I forgot to reattach the ground. It sounds 50x better

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