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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by edd91, Jul 9, 2004.

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    I was given a broken sharp 5.1 stereo, they said when you play a CD it cuts out, and they even tried to get it fixed. They only ever used it for tuner/CD, and out of those two, CD is the only one that puts out through the front speakers. I then tried it with some aux inputs that went through the front speakers and alas my problem was replecated, so its doing dodgy stuff when using the front speakers. It's behaviour when it shuts down (blinking timer light) is described in the manual as speaker shorting/over heating, so last night I open it up to see any obvious problems, I notice two not very fast fans, when a company put two fans into a stereo you know its prone to overheating. This morning I left the covers off, and it's currently playing a CD and it's up to track 9(as opposed to 30 seconds earlier), so I think its just overheating.

    Any suggestions how to keep it cool? I dont plan on running it with the sides off, because its dangerous and stupid, at the moment its sitting on wood on lino just to be safe, so any ideas what I can do?

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