Stilgars Duplicate game giveaway V. Doom3

Discussion in 'Gamers' Pulse' started by Stilgar1973, Jan 3, 2010.

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    I have a bunch of duplicate games ALL FOR THE PC.
    Most are duplicates cause I have picked them up for steam.

    I am not selling them, I am giving them away for the cost of shipping.
    The cost of shipping inside the US will be $4.

    Why not post this in yard sale?

    Cause I know damn well that if I put these things on Yard Sale some dick will get it from me for free and put it up on ebay within 24 hours of getting it.

    I have faith that someone that browses this forum will at least make an attempt at playing it.

    First up for grabs is Doom 3.

    Case is cracked, discs are in good shape and it comes with the CD key.

    If you want it EMAIL ME at [email protected].
    I will then give you the go ahead to put $4 in my paypal account. Once that shows up I will ship.

    Please don't use my PM. I tend to ignore it (cause I am not a paying member).

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    That's awesome, good on you for giving it away :big grin:...Doom 3 was too damn scary for me :o

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