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    the previous owner of my car smoked, and i dont' and it smells pretty bad! i've used febreeze which helped a lot, but it still smells when the car has been locked up for a few hours in the sun! i also steam cleaned the car twice, including the ceiling! any ideas on how/what to use to remove the remaining stink? thanks!
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    Honestly? Get another car.

    Removing smoke smell is nearly impossible. You might want to call professional detailing supply houses in your area to see if they can order (or sell) you a deodorizer bomb (kind of like a bug bomb). If not, then you need to disassemble all the air ducting in the car and completely clean them, remove the seats and clean under them, remove the carpets and clean any matting underneath, etc.

    Sorry, there is just no easy route.
  3. febreeze works really well

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