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Dec 30, 2004
Fwiw I don't think CS will "imminently" blow up, but they're certainly in a downward spiral and every time more bad news comes out (which is like every other day at this point), the spiral gets worse and more depositors and wealth management clients withdraw their money


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Nov 23, 2011
what is this Credit Suisse bullshit?

yesterday we rallied 500 points after the US Government basically promised to bail out any bank that is having issues and promised not to let 2008 happen again

today, we drop 600 points because a Swiss bank is having some issues with raising additional capital?

i know Credit Suisse is a big deal globally but this doesn't seem to me that it should cause the US market to tank like this


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Nov 7, 2001
Destin, FL
Not worried about it, more just wondering how you'd go about proving ownership in this type of situation out of curiosity... or if anyone else was doing any sort of equity portfolio backup.

Schwab is a custodian of your assets, if they are doing anything illegal with those assets (i.e, that would be fraud) then SIPC coverage starts to kick in

But we're talking $7t in assets here, and how many millions of customers?

You're fine, even if they have completely fucked their banking department, and even then, someone would become a large shareholder within a week's time and all would be restored

The problem with all of these banks is that they invested in long term bonds with low yields, but at the time those yields were all they could get, so now the bond value is depressed, but not worthless, nor will they ever be worthless

You're fine
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May 2, 2002
san francisco
this thread is full of doomsday bank collapsers

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Totally not Larry
Aug 9, 2003
Twin Shitties
@gimpshiznit post CS 5yr CDS chart pls

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Totally not Larry
Aug 9, 2003
Twin Shitties
i hope you guys are just trolling

Credit Suisse did not go bankrupt and is not insolvent. One of their investors, who owns 10% of the stock, informed them that they won't be investing any more into the company. That is not a global financial system collapse. There's no run on the banks happening.
CS might not make it through the week.
they've been slowly failing for 10 years


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Jul 16, 2008
to make you guys happy, i just bought 40 Credit Suisse $2.0 puts expiring Friday. simple little hedge that will make me a few thousand in case the world ends this week
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