GUN Store clerk wounded in shootout with robber

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    Store clerk wounded in shootout with robber

    By Augie Frost
    Staff Writer
    A convenience store clerk is in good condition at a local hospital after being shot during a robbery attempt in northwest Oklahoma City this morning, a police spokesman said.

    Habib Hajimirzaei, 56, was shot once in the chest and once in the left hand, police Sgt. Paco Balderrama said. He is in good condition at OU Medical Center.

    The attempted heist happened about 2:15 a.m. at the 4 Seasons Gas & Food store, located at NW 63 and Santa Fe, just east of the Broadway Extension, Balderrama said.

    The suspect is also thought to have been shot when the clerk returned fire, Balderrama said. Police are trying to identify the suspect.

    Shortly after the incident, a woman called police from her house at 6316 W Wilshire Blvd. about her brother being shot, Balderrama said. When paramedics arrived, they found Charles Peoples, 33, shot in the back and hand.

    Peoples was also in good condition today at OU Medical Center.

    Police cannot say if the two shootings are related. A suspect has not been identified because the wounded clerk was unable to identify the robber and surveillance video taken from the store was of poor quality.

    A DNA test of a blood sample thought to be from the robber and taken at the scene will help police identify a suspect. The results should come back in a couple of weeks, Balderrama said.

    Peoples told police he "was walking down the street” when he was shot, Balderrama said. He did not know who attacked him. He denied any connection to the robbery and shooting.

    Court records show Peoples was convicted of robbery with an imitation weapon in 1990. He was released in 2002 after serving 12 years in prison.

    He has also been convicted of carrying a firearm, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and escape from a penitentiary.

    Habib needs more range time sounds like the shitbag needed killing.
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    :( Poor Habib
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    Every one rips on foriegn convience store clerks, but they are pretty cool people if you treat them like normal people (the indian dude at my local 7-11 sometimes lets me have shit for free:coold:
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    and i thought oklahoma city was a pretty crime free city
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    One got shot in the chest, one got shot in the back, and both got shot in the hand

    It's not funny but I cant help but laugh.

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