LGBT Story Part 1

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    It was a muggy, sticky hot day, rain pouring down in torrential buckets, and wouldn’t you know it my car would have to break down. Why is it that this shit always happens to me when the weather is shitty or I need to be somewhere, I thought to myself, and came to the conclusion that Murphy was alive and well, much to my dismay.

    Being about as mechanically inclined as a 5 year old, I did not have a clue of what could be wrong with my car; and the road I broke down on was a rural country road that, I was guessing, saw mostly farm tractors and horses for traffic.

    Should I walk to find a phone, wait in hope for a passing vehicle, I had no clue but I knew this was pissing me off. I was soaked clean through, and that in itself was embarrassing as I was wearing a pair of white cotton shorts and shirt with nothing underneath, and they had become all but transparent.

    In the distance I could see a pickup approaching and I immediately tried to figure out how I was to hide myself, but yet still flag the person down so I could get to a phone. I was hoping that at least whoever was approaching was not an old lady that I was sure to shock.

    As the pickup approached the blinker came on and the truck pulled behind my car. The driver stuck his head out the window and asked if I needed help. I explained that my car just died and that if he could, I would really appreciate a lift to a pay phone, if there was one. He laughed and said the nearest pay phone was in town, about 25 miles back from where I came, but he would be glad to give me a lift to his house where I could use his phone.

    I ran to the passenger side and went to get in, already positioning my hand to cover my dick, when he told me that I would have to get in on his side as that door did not work. I ran around the truck and saw him chuckle. I knew right away that he was laughing at me and my ass showing through the shorts, like I had nothing on at all.

    “Hate fucking white when it rains too buddy, might as well be wearing plastic wrap when that shit gets wet”, he said.

    My face immediately turned beet red and I looked toward the ground to hide my embarrassment. He slapped me on the back and told me to hop in.

    “No worries my friend, not like I am going to see anything I have not seen before. Shit buddy, around here on hot days it is not uncommon to see half the folks that live here at the swimming hole naked or in their underwear, which I bet you wish were wearing right now,” he stated with a grin.

    I told him yes and continued to try and hide my dick from view even though my deep black bush was showing through like it was a neon sign.

    As we drove to his house I noticed that he kept glancing out of the corner of his eye at me. Not looking at my face, mind you but gazing at my crotch. Now, if it was not bad enough to be sitting in see through clothes, now his glances were exciting the hell out of me.

    Sam, as I had found out his name in the trip, was a very handsome well built farmer. His arms were huge, and though his shirt was not too revealing, it certainly appeared that he had a huge chest; and I was guessing a very six packed set of abs. His jeans were tight and revealed that faded spot that accents a cowboys package. I could not help but wonder what was to transpire, would he hit on me, or was he just scoping me out?

    I knew what I wanted to happen but who knew and, well, hitting on a big guy like him could be hazardous to one’s health, if I was wrong about his frequent glances and their meaning. I decided to let nature take it’s course and see what came of it, removing my hand from my now half hard cock and letting him get a real good look on his next glance.

    As I expected, he glanced again and this time openly turned and looked down, licked his lips, and made a sound of pleasure.

    “Nice cock ya got there buddy, damn nice indeed. Ever let a guy suck that monster off for ya buddy", he asked like he was talking about the weather.

    I couldn’t control myself and blurted out, "The only ones that get to suck this here cock are hot looking guys like yourself".

    He nodded his head and with no warning at all slid his hand between my legs massaging my aching dick to a full raging pole. God it hurt, it was so hard and I was hoping that when we got to his place it would get it's needed relief. I would not have to wait long for the answer to my prayers as we turned into his drive, which was more like a road, and headed to the house in the distance.

    I told him that I liked his house and he smiled. Farmers and Cowboys are more proud of their houses and barns than anything. Compliment them on 'em and ya made a friend for life.

    Once we pulled up in front of his house he turned to me, pulled me to him, and slowly started to kiss me. Gentle at first, so soft I could barely feel him, then with more passion and need until his tongue was diving deep into my waiting mouth.

    His hand was grinding on my swollen cock and it was all I could do to keep from cumming in my shorts. I was forcing my crotch into his hand and grinding against it. I was on fire inside and so needed to have sex with this gorgeous fucking man. I was moaning and groaning like a whore being gang banged and my mind was swirling in fantasy and ecstasy all at the same time.

    He broke the lock our mouths had and opened his door. Then I saw his massive crotch for the first time. Tented and straining against his jeans, his cock clearly showing through. It had to be 10 inches long. And though the jeans made it hard to tell, it looked ass splitting thick.

    Before he could get out of the truck I dove for his bulge, licking and sucking on it through his jeans. I was slobbering on him like I was a rabid dog and my desires were screaming. My head was swirling with lust and I could not control what I was doing. This man, a cowboy I had never met, was driving me completely wild with lust.

    My free hand was going down the back of my shorts and I was shoving my finger deep into my ass. I was finger fucking myself with a drive that was making my cock throb. I was moaning so loud I was sure his neighbors would hear me and I did not care. I had to have him, and more than anything I had to have him bury that huge cock deep inside me. He must have sensed my loss of control and gently pushed me back away from his now spit soaked crotch.

    “Slow down there killer, unless you have somewhere to be, we have all day. No need to hurry now”, he said and gently tousled my hair.

    We got out of the truck and he asked if I wanted a tour of his place. I think he sensed that I was in a hurry for his dick and he laughed.

    “Look, the longer we wait the more your horny little ass will need this fat cock of mine. How ‘bout we take a tour naked, let the rain hit our sizzling bodies,” he asked.

    Without a word I pulled off my shirt and then stripped out of my shorts. My cock was standing straight up so hard that it was pushing itself against my smooth flat belly. Sam stripped out of his clothes and I thought I was going to cum right there. His body was even better than I imagined and covered with a light spread of hair over his chest and stomach. His ass was perfect and the cock I needed was even bigger than it looked trapped in his jeans.

    I got on my knees and dove at Sam’s crotch, but he pushed me aside. “Damn boy when was the last time someone fucked you. Shit you are all over me like flies on cow shit. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I am going to let you have this here cock and I am going to let you have it real good, but I want you to see my place, hoping maybe you’ll like it enough that you might even consider making it your home, that is if a hot boy like you is still single?”

    “Oh I’m single and to answer your question about the last time, well lets just say that I am sure I’m a virgin again. I am picky about who gets in my ass, so I don’t get it much. But, when I see something I want, I do my best to take and keep it,” I stated winking at him. He laughed and we started walking for the barn so he could show me around.......

    To be continued....
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    Wishing that my car will break down sometime soon...:rofl:
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    haha lol
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    Cant wait for Part Two!!! When u gonna update it?!?!

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