LOVE straight man/ gay woman

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Apr 24, 2009
Ok here's the story, I'm a 45 year old straight married man with 2 teen boys 16/18 and I am head over heels for a single gay woman who is 31 and a co worker. Now the smart part of my brain knows I'm a idiot, but we have grown very close. I have no hopes of her becoming straight and me leaving my family.... thats fucking retarted, but she is always on my mind, what do you guys think ? is it just a crush? She may be moving to a different area within our company in 3-4 months so we will have no work contact. It does not help as well that I have been taking care of my mentally ill wife for 5 plus years, she is very bi polar and off work forever. I take care of everything around the house, shopping, cleaning, chores EVERYTHING and my sons and I work out at the gym together everyday, okay that was long winded but I think thats away people


Who's talking about OIL... bitch you cooking
Nov 14, 2003
you're trying to find something you don't have in your relationship, it is a crush that you have on that person, and it's not going to happen you open your mouth and the friendship is over. just move on with your life and don't day dream about her anymore. too many differences.

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