strange bucking after swap

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by notstock93, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. notstock93

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    I swapped in a hybrid engine a while back in my 93 Acura Integra. I have a B16A block and a B18C1 head, ran off of a B18C1 ECU. My problem is that occasionaly the car will surge and buck while accelerating. I thought It may be the O2, but I have no CEL's and it runs fine most of the time.

    I am getting a new Distributor tommorow, so i'll see if that fixes it. Any other ideas?
  2. mrduke

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    if it's not the distributor, it could be a bad injector.
  3. thafox

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    check the timing. also did u put the cam's in the right way? could b a lil to far advanced/retarted no?
  4. notstock93

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    Yea, the cams are in the right way. :)

    I just changed out my Distributor for a fresh one that is known to run flawlessly, and the injectors would cause the bucking and surging all the time, which isnt the case at all. I havent had the problem today, so thats a good sign. Next up is fuel tuning from a Hondata. The USDM ECU is set up to run 10:1 compression on a GSR, but im running about 10.5:1. Its not much of a difference, but it may be throwing the ECU off a bit. I only run the highest octane (91) and I have a knock sensor. I have yet to time the new dizzy, as I didnt have a timing light today when I put it it. That'll come tommorow.
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    mine does the same thing on occasion, it's soo damn intermittent though that it's almost impossible to troubleshoot. The only other thing I haven't tried is the distributor or coil. The cr shouldn't be causing anything like this. it'd be like running a lower octane of gas in the car, might not have as much power and you might get a little detonation up top.
  6. notstock93

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    I may try to change out the TPS with an older one I know works, then if that doesnt work, I dont know. It could be the timing belt, ive heard stories that if its off one tooth, the car may not be driveable, or it may present itself in subtle and annoying ways. Who knows. Im getting my hondata installed soon, so that may cure some of the problems. Here hoping...keep the ideas flowing.

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