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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by northw3st, Mar 5, 2009.

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    My life is overall great - but I just have a small anxiety problem. I could probably handle without it the rest of my life - and i probably plan on doing that - but the other day, I took one of my mom's prescription pain killers (tramadol) because my head was hurting. i know, i know - shouldn't do that.

    anyways, that day, i had no anxiety. it was the best feeling. so basically what im saying is, where do i go from here? i thought about getting medicine to take for it every now and then, and i feel like tramadol is perfect. do they treat minor anxiety with it? i can't just go to the doctor and say that i took it and it worked - that's not how doctors do their business.

    it's just frustrating when you think you know exactly how you can fix the problem, but you can't really do anything about continuing it.

    (i took another tramadol to see if it fixed my anx again, and it did)

    not for sure if i should post this here or another subforum?...
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    Hum, not really a fix for anxiety. Maybe you should just talk about your anxiety to the doctor and see what he suggests?

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