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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by dink, Aug 9, 2004.

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    I had 2 old gun piercings on my left ear that I streched to 6guage and decided to just have the right ear done at 6guage. I only got one ont the right because the shop only had 1 6guage cbr in stock. I am going in for the seond hole in a few weeks when the first heals up some. I have to say the 6guage piercing feels better than the streching the other 2 holes. I started streching in May and just worked my way up 1 size every few weeks until I got to 8guage and they were all easy. The 8 to 6 on the upper hole was a pita it turned the hole insideout on the taper on and removed it so it was basicly a painful new hole. The new hole done with a 6guage needle was great the only time I felt it was when the piercer whacked the needle with his clamp when removing it before sliding te cbr inplace. 6guage is all I can get away with at work and I like my job. Here are some pics.

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    looks pretty good. i'd never make it at your work. i've got 7/16" in my ears.

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