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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Dreammachine, Jul 26, 2005.

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    I put this in the off topic forum but got no responses

    i am sure some of you have read some of the job related threads i've made in the past well this is another one..

    here's my situation

    Right now, I am thinking about droping off my resume at several advertising agencies around my area.

    problem is i am qualified for two positions account managment and graphic design

    but i am not sure if i should just drop off one resume eg. just account managment

    or should i drop them both off ??

    and i don't really know what i am better at...

    I have my weakness in both

    for graphic design i don't know indesign to well and mostly you need to know that..

    for account management i am not sure wether or not i'll be any good at it when it really comes down to it

    additionaly my college experiance allowed each us to go in different fields wether it's buisness or creative

    half way through the course i went over to buisness.

    so when i put things in my resume it has specialize in account managment or graphic design

    so if they see that i am specilizing in two things they will wonder what i am actually "qualified" for.

    which i think is a problem

    any advice OT ???
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    Again, i tell you goto the company PERSONALLY, you don't want to drop your resume anywhere, you want to have an interview with a boss, and after the interview you give them your resume. (but you want to leave your resume so people can view them) , honestly if you are working yourself do you have time to look at interviews? The answer NO , you don't have the time to go thru all the could have beens and should have beens , you want to earn money and want people that are usefull for your company, you have to go there, and convince them you are the man. Don't worry if you don't have the skills, no one has. Its a matter of doing the same thing over and over again which makes you skillfull in the first place, often the job work is so specific that there's no background education that could possibly fit in to what you are doing anyway. SO , at your job agency, just talk to a person, say what you can and can't do, what you want (low demands) and ask them to call you if they find something. Let them do the job searching for you, they got nothing better to do anyway. Whenever you 'have to call' as a result of finding some job in an advertation, ask to see them. And make an interview at the place your going to work.

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